Queries and Research

Are you just starting your genealogical quest or you are experienced and ready to tackle a family history?
We have a series of books available to help with basic organization and getting your thoughts together to start that family journey.

The Gladwin County Genealogical Society is offering the following publications:

    "Memories of My Family" (a place to record memories of your family ie: times, places, people, activities,
     schools, etc, etc, etc.)  $6.50 each plus S&H

    "Memories of My Dad"  $6.50 each plus S&H

    "Memories of My Mom"   $$6.50 each plus S&H

    "Welcome to Genealogy" (for how to start and tips on organization)        $10.00 each plus S&H

    "Court House Research"  $6.50 plus S&H

    Forms Kit (a collection of organizational worksheets and charts to      aid in you research) $4.75 plus S&H

For information on S&H charges please email

Send request for materials to: Gladwin County Genealogical Society
                                                402 James Robertson Dr                                                                              Gladwin, MI 48624

We provide Genealogical Research for $10.00 per hour. 
Obituary lookups $5.00 for up to 4 obits and$1.00 per obit after 4,
includes copying and mailing . 
email us at: genealogy@gladwinlibrary.org

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