Gladwin County Genealogical Society

Descendants of Gladwin County Project

"Descendants of Gladwin County" is a project of the Gladwin County Genealogical Society. Its purpose is to collect and record data about early Gladwin residents and their descendants. This information will be a valuable addition to the history of Gladwin and will provide a source of genealogical information for years to come. The society will recognize descendants of early families with certificates at our annual Award Ceremony.

One of the objectives of the Descendants of Gladwin County is to identify and honor the memory of the earliest settlers of Gladwin County. The research necessary is intended to stimulate increasing interest in the pioneers of this county, their geneology and history, and to awaken the descendant to the sacrifices and contributions of their ancestor.

This program will honor many courageous Pioneers, Settlers, and Residents of Gladwin County.

ELIGIBILITY:  To qualify, an applicant must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who settled in one of the current Gladwin County Townships during one of the following time periods...

"Pioneer" certificate will be issued for the period 1861-1891
"Settler" certificate will be issued for the period 1892-1912
"Resident" certificate will be issued for the period 1913-1935

The fifteen townships that make up Gladwin County are: Beaverton, Bentley, Billings, Bourret, Buckeye, Butman, Gladwin, Grim, Grout, Hay, Sage, Secord, Sheridan, Sherman, and Tobacco.

Start by downloading a printable Descendants of Gladwin County Application Form.

You will find instructions and information for completing the application as well as tips for finding important records.

On the last page of this application are ancestor charts, use them as your guide. 
Using a pencil, hand print Your Name, then your Father and Mother, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Great Grandparents... etc. Follow the Family line back to the ancestor that lived in Gladwin County within the dates shown for "Pioneer, Settler or Resident". Now fill in the birth dates, marriage dates and death dates. Next, type or hand print the names and dates on the application. MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DEATH, AND/OR OTHER MATERIALS USED AS PROOF, and mail with your completed application.

Eligibility shall be determined by a committee of: The Gladwin County Genealogical Society. The committee's decision will be final.
Since all material submitted becomes the property of the Gladwin County Genealogical Society NO ORIGINAL COPIES OF DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE SENT. No materials furnished will be returned.

Certificate Project Committee Members of the Gladwin County Genealogical Society are available to assist with your application if you have questions. A Descendant Certificate will be awarded to each accepted applicant at a specified annual Certificate Awards Dinner. If so desired, the Certificate can be mailed if you are unable to attend the program. Send your applications, proofs, and check or money order for $10.00 (non-refundable)
PER ANCESTOR to:                       

Gladwin Co. Genealogical Society
402 James Robertson Dr
Gladwin, Michigan  48624

Attn: Certificate Comm. Gen. Soc.

(Please make checks payable to The Gladwin County Genealogical Society)